Christian Reply to Muslim Objections

Introduction to Islam

The Arab Spring

The Truth of the QURAN in the Light of the BIBLE

Bible Lesson
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Sunny Mosque

Dealing With the Textual Challenges of the Bible

To You My Lady English - Arabic

The Challenge

The Byzantine Christ Introduction

Holy bible detail
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The Byzantine Jesus- A Mosaic of Culture

Unequally Yoked

The Victor

Who is Allah?

God and Armies

Bible Lessons
Ancient Architecture
The Stars

Prophecy on Egypt

Joseph's Shirt

The Word of the Lord Came

The Two Sons

Camel in Desert
Desert Landscape
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Nomad Desert

Lines and Ropes


Replacement Theology


Ancient Tiles
Three Wise Men
Essential Oils

Luke 15

Is Christian Zionism Based on Bad Theology?

The Two Nights

Unveiling Islam

Holy Bible
Hurva Synagogue Jerusalem
Moonlit Night
Arabic Lessons

The Fig Tree

Hannah - She Went to God

Was Jesus a Radical?

Let the Dead Bury Their Own Dead

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Girl in a City