Dr. Victor Khalil

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Dr. Victor Khalil 

Dr. Victor Khalil has worked since 1970 among the peoples of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Born in Egypt, his expertise in Muslim ministry and in the languages and culture of the Middle East are combined with a passionate heart for the suffering church. He has been trained at the Middle East Theological Seminary in Beirut, the American University of Beirut, the Waterloo College in London, and he earned his Doctorate from the International Bible Institute and Seminary in Florida. Dr. Khalil continues to train up the next generation leaders and has taught at William Tyndale College, the Defense Language Institute and Biola University.


The Byzantine Jesus

The word “Byzantine” has many definitions. It is often used as an historical term in reference to the Byzantine Empire, which was the direct continuation of the Roman Empire during late antiquity and the Middle Ages, centered in the capital of Constantinople. The word itself also has a cultural context. Byzantine culture is characterized by conservative beliefs, hospitality, religious action and ideology, zeal, and family orientation, amongst other valued traits. The Byzantine era is unique in that it encompasses religion, culture, language, and politics — and these are considered inseparable in Middle Eastern thought. The Byzantine culture, both past and present, is very similar to the culture in which the poetry, history, and prophecy of the Bible occurs, and since we see clearly Christ in all of the books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, the title of this book discusses Jesus as seen from this perspective. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to uncover the culture of the Byzantine era as it applies to the Scriptures, in order to help the reader understand the Middle Eastern backdrop in which the Bible verses were written.


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Christian Reply to Muslim Objections

Introduction to Islam

The Arab Spring

The Truth of the QURAN in the Light of the BIBLE

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